Fully customizable booking page

Unlimited photos

Create interactive maps

Booking cost overview

Client can book multiple rooms

Multiple board types

Rooms availability overview

Social media integration

Search and sort your bookings

Clients and travel agent accounts

Create special offers

Unlimited room types

Manage availability and prices

Manage availability and prices

Full availability check

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The Bookengine.net Platform offers a broad set of advanced features

Booking and availability system - core features include, among others
  • Secure transactions with 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Unlimited Room Types
  • Unlimited Photos per room
  • Easy to use administration panel
  • Easy to use, straightforward bookings page for your clients
  • Your clients can book multiple room types and multiple board types at once
  • Customizable colors for your bookings page
  • Multilingual customer interface - supports unlimited number of languages
  • Multilingual backoffice, adapts to your language (Currently available in English, German and Greek. More languages are comming soon!)
  • Multiple Device Support: Don't miss users connecting to your website via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets
  • Full bookings history - also shows what bookings were abandoned before completion
  • Email, SMS and FAX notifications for hotels
  • Email and SMS notifications for customers
  • Daily backups
  • Special offers
  • Discount codes for your clients
  • Discount codes for resellers
  • Maps & Directions: Complete map application that allows you to show your location, and points of interest close to your facility with driving directions - new!

CRM and Loyalty System

  • All contact details by new bookings are automatically added to your clients. Each client receives a user name and password to use for future reservations
  • Create special discounts for your repeating clients
  • Contact clients with special offers and discounts, with a direct link to your bookings system

Social Media

  • Post important messages to your Facebook and Twitter account directly, with links to your booking system
  • Integrate Facebook like button and fan box to your bookings page

Security Options

  • IP blacklist - deny access to your backoffice from specific IP addresses
  • IP allow list. Allow access to your backoffice from specific IP addresses only
  • Brute force attack lock - locks your account and notifies you if Brute Force Attack is detected
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